What are you the customer getting with the Pyro Place modular masonry fireplace system?As a customer you are buying assured performance and safety – our U.L. Listing proves it. See for yourself – The Pyro Place is the ONLY U.L. Listed masonry fireplace and chimney system on the market. View our U.L. Listing here – Tested & Certified for safety at Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
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Here’s what a typical Pyro Place comes with and what you need to buy to complete.The typical kit comes complete with all the necessary fireplace components to construct the most technical, functional aspect of a masonry fireplace – the firebox & smoke chamber. It also comes with a damper, (optional cost) – firebricks for lining the firebox, enough cement dry mix to install the unit, handling dowels, step by step instructions.
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What to consider when figuring out specific applications that may pertain to you as the customer.The first consideration would be: where is the pyroplace going to go? Living room outside wall, or inside the middle of the house? Which ever choice the first consideration would be to make sure the pyroplace has its own foundation support as we illustrate.

Second would be: is the exterior of the pyro place going to be covered in stucco or some other adhesive masonry products? Or is the exterior going to be surrounded with some natural masonry facade? This is relevant to the pyroplace being a self supporting fireplace & chimney system or as a core unit surrounded by custom masonry i.e.: brick, stone, etc. If a core application applies please see the “Core unit Addendum” option.

The third consideration to give the installation is: how is the interior fireplace facade to be completed? This may be critical to initial layouts.

What ever the application Shumock Masonry can guide you step by step – thats what we’re here for, that’s what makes us master artisans.

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Our Masons assembled this unit in 15 minutes (without cement) for this photo. In the field they would have constructed the same pyroplace in about 1 hr.Although the chimney is not included a standard masonry chimney can be constructed atop of the unit itself up to 25′ from the base. We do not recommend bigger or higher chimney stacks, except as a core unit installation which makes the pyroplace a more durable, structural, resilient, permanent feature of any home.

Our secret to building a sound, safe masonry fireplace is not to build it

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