FIRE ROCK vs. OIsokern

PYRO PLACE                vs.                   FIREROCK                   vs.               ISOKERN              =                 PYRO ADVANTAGE
U.L.#127 – for Fireplace Installation & Safety – Tested & Certified by Underwriters Laboratories according to testing standards established by Underwriters Laboratories. Tested according to U.L. standards at an independent testing facility.

Same as isokern

Tested according to U.L. standards at an independent testing facility.

Same as Fire Rock

. Label is world renown on products. Pyro Place is certified to carry the “U.L. label” for fireplace safety u.l.#127.
approx. 1100 psi 2000 psi 972 psi. 1100 psi / 65lb/3′ equals a well balanced mix design. Strong – super lightweight refractory concrete design.
Lumnite – high heat / high strength refractory cement. Pyro Place volcanic aggregate is a fully expanded aggregate weighing in @   6-7 lbs/per cubic ft. dry . Lumnite cement w/volcanic pumice. Volcanic pumice is an expanded aggregate weighing in @ approx 45 – 50 lb. Per cubic ft. Lumnite cement w/volcanic pumice. Volcanic pumice is an expanded aggregate weighing in @ approx 45 – 50 lb. Per cubic ft. The strength of the concrete comes from the lumnite cement. The insulation values are determined by the aggregates used. More expanded aggregates are best insulates for refractory fireplace purposes.
65 LB – 75 LB./per cubic ft. This enables us to make our components more robust – solid. This provides you greater fire safety. When it comes to fire safety – you want more bang for your buck? Much – Much heavier than 65 -75 lb./per cubic ft. unit components seem to be minimal thickness for  purposes due to weight. Pumice is used in abrasives, horticulture, landscaping, and for washing blue jeans Much heavier than 65 – 75 lb/per cubic ft. Components appear to be hollowed out only to be filled with a non refractory grout & rebar on the job. Weighing in @ robust 1800 – 2700 lb. per kit (depending on size) @ 65-75 lbs per cubic ft. Components are larger, lighter in weight, solid in mass – this is added protection. We don’t shrink our pieces for any reason. We believe in making our components as large & thick as  possible – yet making them as light as possible.
Super light weight density enables more elastic flexibility from high heat than does denser materials making it more resilient, it enables a slower thermal expansion retaining more of the heat & repelling the cold from outside while a fire is burning or not! Although a light weight refractory material this unit is denser and heavier than its competitors. A lightweight refractory material this unit is less dense than the Fire rock unit. Pyro Place light weight properties enable more heat to be retained from penetrating through the outer walls. In turn this keeps outside temperatures from penetrating into the house. Fire Tests show ave temperature changes through – to the outside of the fireplace unit during testing ranged from a low +25o – high +60o above ambient (room temp).
Each component is uniquely designed to be easily recognized, individually. Assembly instructions are certified by Underwriters Laboratories – Can be assembled without requiring unusual skills. Instructions are clear and concise. Numerous more pieces/components. A lot of them seemingly the same sizes and shapes. Components are not as clearly distinguishable from one another. This unit is the heaviest per cubic ft weight than its competitors. It looks like a modified Isokern? Originally designed as a European type fireplace (considerable smaller) from Denmark. This unit looks like a  Fire Rock unit. Numerous “in-field” adjustments may be needed. Front smoke baffle, grout fill solid to name a few. Less pieces, more robust pieces, each piece easily recognized from one another. Pyro Place features much thicker / robust components in less obvious locations like the smoke chamber areas against the HOUSE / Building. Our 5″ – 11″ solid – tapered components give more fire protection in the most critical areas.
Patented interlocking features enable a trouble free installation. It can only go together ONE WAY – THE RIGHT WAY! Components either overlap each other or key in type construction. Components interlock with their patented compressive interlock method. Patented interlocking features assures proper installation. Each component locks into the other assuring the Pyro Place stability.
When you buy a Pyro Place you: get much more than just a masonry fireplace. Our support staff can help ensure that any installation is complete & safely adapted to the plethora of field situations that can arise. When you buy a Fire Rock you: Get a masonry fireplace. When you buy an Isokern you : Get a masonry fireplace. When you need a masonry fireplace built – you hire a mason! When you want to buy a masonry fireplace – you can now buy it from a mason! Buying a Pyro Place means you not only buy an American made masonry fireplace – you hire a mason too! Our support staff of skilled masons & installers are experts in today’s masonry fireplaces vs. fireplace applications.“We Protect Our Customers”!
Standardize & maintain the integrity of the masonry fireplace Industry not via sales, via quality, service & educating our customers. In todays’ market place things are geared for minimal standards & maximized profits for less product. Today’s consumer’s advantages continue to shrink, just as it has with less of a box of cereal, less of a can of coffe, smaller cookie & candy bar!       Now they want to compromise fire safety with less between your house and a “wood burning fire”? Sell more than isokern??

Only Fireock can answer that !

Sell more than anyone??

Only Isokern can answer that !

Who really has the advantage??

Only YOU can answer this one? !

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